Huntsville Hamfest
Aug 17 & 18, 2019
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Huntsville Hamfest Activities/Details

Admission: is $10, under 12 free.

Hamfest Hours:

DX Card Checking: Representatives will be available to field check your DX cards for DXCC credit. Visit the NADXC booth for information.
Hospitality Suites: Huntsville Hamfest will host Hospitality Rooms on Friday and Saturday nights, at Embassy Suites, Room 201 from 5:30 -- 10:30 PM. Come by and talk to the great, the near great, and those who just think they are great!
License Exams: Exams will begin at 10:00 sharp Saturday and Sunday in the curtained area outside the South Hall. Bring your original license, copy of same, any CSCEs you want to present. Also, a government-issued picture ID. The test fee is $10.00; $5.00 for students. CASH ONLY. Please see the CAVEC website for more info:
Talk-in station: Our always welcoming and always helpful (they've never lost a visitor yet) talk-in crew will be operating as K4BFT on the 146.94-, 100Hz tone, repeater for complete talk-in information. Back-up frequency is 145.33-, 100Hz tone, repeater.
Want to learn more about contesting? Alabama Contest Group (ACG) will hold a Dutch treat luncheon at 1:30 PM Saturday at the adjacent Embassy Suites lobby restaurant: "The R". Interested in Radiosport Contesting? This is a great opportunity for newcomers to ask and learn from seasoned veterans. It's also a great place for those seasoned veterans to share their tall tales.
HAYLARC YL Breakfast: The Huntsville Area Young Ladies Amateur Radio Club (HAYLARC) invites all YLs attending the Huntsville Hamfest to join them for a Dutch breakfast Sunday, 7:00 AM, at City Cafe Diner (2003 Drake Avenue). Map and directions can be found here:
Parking: The city parking garage across the street from the VBC will be open with a parking fee of $5. The South Hall where the Hamfest is located has 500 space parking underground with a parking fee of $10. Elevators in the SE corner of the garage will carry you up to the hamfest.