Flea Market Tables

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Detailed listing:

Tbl #Sold to
1Jerry Carter, W4SU (Pending)
2Jerry Carter, W4SU (Pending)
3Jerry Carter, W4SU (Pending)
4Monty Meier (Pending)
5Gil Stock N5UK (Pending)
6Gil Stock N5UK (Pending)
7Don Thompson K5WSY
8David Owen N4EWZ (pending)
9Mark Bond W4FMX (Pending)
10Mark Bond W4FMX (Pending)
11Mark Bond W4FMX (Pending)
12Mike Volle W9FSW
16Mike Griffin
17Mike Griffin
18Chuck Lewis N4NM, Johnny Winter KR4F
19Chuck Lewis N4NM, Johnny Winter KR4F
20C. T. Morgan & Assoc K4VCM
21C. T. Morgan & Assoc K4VCM
22C. T. Morgan & Assoc K4VCM
23 C. T. Morgan & Assoc K4VCM
24Tim Holland KK5H (Pending)
25Tim Holland KK5H (Pending)
26Tim Holland KK5H (Pending)
27Tim Holland KK5H (Pending)
31Jimmy Long W4ZRZ + PWR
32Jimmy Long W4ZRZ + PWR
33Jimmy Long W4ZRZ + PWR
34Jimmy Long W4ZRZ + PWR
37Jim McQuagge K4LIX
38Jim McQuagge K4LIX
39Jim McQuagge K4LIX
40Barry Johnson W4WB & Ralph Peterson N5DOI
41Barry Johnson W4WB & Ralph Peterson N5DOI
43Ken Baker K4QMH
44Ken Baker K4QMH
45David Robinson WA4AVC
46David Robinson WA4AVC
47Tommy Brown WA4TB (Pending)
48Tommy Brown WA4TB (Pending)
50Bob Wilson WA4ZZW
51Bob Wilson WA4ZZW
52Bob Wilson WA4ZZW
53Bob Wilson WA4ZZW
54Bob Wilson WA4ZZW
55Bob Wilson WA4ZZW
56Bob Wilson WA4ZZW
57Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
58Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
59Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
60Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
62Ed Brown WB4HUM (Pending)
63Vollie Miller NA4C
64Vollie Miller NA4C
65Vollie Miller NA4C
66Mark Castracane W5LAC, +PWR
67Mark Castracane W5LAC, +PWR
68Mark Castracane W5LAC, +PWR
69Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
70Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
71Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
72Bill Perry - William Perry Co.(Pending)
73Brenda & Wayne Castleberry
74Brenda & Wayne Castleberry
75Brenda & Wayne Castleberry
76Frank Triche N5WJ + NA5G + N5ZD
77Dick Conklin WA2WGY + POWER
78Dick Conklin WA2WGY + POWER
79Dick Conklin WA2WGY + POWER
80Dave Whitham K9DQ - Electric Guru Parts House
81Dave Whitham K9DQ - Electric Guru Parts House
82Dave Whitham K9DQ - Electric Guru Parts House
83Lew Nyman K1AZE
84Lew Nyman K1AZE
85Brenda & Wayne Castleberry
86Brenda & Wayne Castleberry
87Sandra Walczak KG4YRA / Albert Miles KG4UIB
88Sandra Walczak KG4YRA / Albert Miles KG4UIB
89Dave K5RSI
90Dave K5RSI
91Dave K5RSI
92Dave K5RSI
93Eddie Brindley W4EBX
94Eddie Brindley W4EBX
96Neil Kaltman K6SMF
97Neil Kaltman K6SMF
98Neil Kaltman K6SMF
99Neil Kaltman K6SMF
100Sandra Walczak KG4YRA / Albert Miles KG4UIB
Tbl #Sold to
101Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
102Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
103Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
104Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
105Jon Rohde KC9AXZ-The RF Adapter Guy (Pending)
106Jon Rohde KC9AXZ-The RF Adapter Guy (Pending)
107Jon Rohde KC9AXZ-The RF Adapter Guy (Pending)
108Jon Rohde KC9AXZ-The RF Adapter Guy (Pending)
109Jon Rohde KC9AXZ-The RF Adapter Guy (Pending)
110Jon Rohde KC9AXZ-The RF Adapter Guy (Pending)
111Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
112Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
113Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
114Wired Comm.- Roger Deane KD6CNY
115Fisher Cables (pending)
116Fisher Cables (pending)
117Fisher Cables (pending)
118Fisher Cables (pending)
124Doug Berryhill KG4HSM
125Doug Berryhill KG4HSM
13260 Mtr Group, Charlie Emerson
133Robert Miskell (Pending)
134Robert Miskell (Pending)
135Robert Miskell (Pending)
136Robert Miskell (Pending)
141Steve Linnet KD5DRW
142Greg McKinney KF4VII (HOLD)
143Dan Jones W4CDJ (Pending)
144Dan Jones W4CDJ (Pending)
147AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
148AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
149AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
150AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
151AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
157AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
158AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
159AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
160AC/DC Electronics, Larry Councilman + PWR (Pending)
161Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
162Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
163Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
164Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
165Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
166Patrick Mikell KK4CGL
167Patrick Mikell KK4CGL
168Patrick Mikell KK4CGL
169Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
170Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
171Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
172Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
173Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
174Sam Adams KG4JMN + PWR (Pending)
175Ken Brownson, KT4KI (Pending)
176Ken Brownson, KT4KI (pending)
177Marc Pilotte WB9DBD (pending)
178Marc Pilotte WB9DBD (pending)
182Bill Grimwood W4WEG (Pending)
183Ron Bailey N4VN
184Ron Bailey N4VN
185Ron Bailey N4VN
186Ron Bailey N4VN
188Ken Brownson, KT4KI (Pending)
192Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
193Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
194Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
195Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
196Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
197Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
198Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
199Nightfire Electronics, Agustin Acosta + POWER (Pending)
Tbl #Sold to
203Rob Barnett KE4GNN + Pwr
204Rob Barnett KE4GNN + Pwr
205Rob Barnett KE4GNN + Pwr
206Rob Barnett KE4GNN + Pwr
207Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
208Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
209Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
210Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
211Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
212Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
213Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
214Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
215Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
216Rob Barnett KE4GNN+ Pwr
217Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
218Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
219Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
220Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
221Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
222Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
223Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
224Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
225Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
226Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
227Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
228Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
229Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
230Tower Electronics, Jill & Scott Cole +Pwr (Pending)
231Mike Fambrough KD4TGB
232Mike Fambrough KD4TGB
234John & Barbara King K5PGW
235John & Barbara King K5PGW
236John & Barbara King K5PGW
237John & Barbara King K5PGW
238John & Barbara King K5PGW
239David Kirk WT4E (pending)
240David Kirk WT4E
241David Kirk WT4E
242Cliff Coleman K9JTS
243Cliff Coleman K9JTS
244Mike Fambrough KD4TGB
245Don Keith - N4KC
249Tom Baskin AF4JJ
255Wayne Murley WA4BJY
259John Danielson (Pending)
260John Danielson (Pending)
261John Danielson (Pending)
263John Dobbs KV4OB (Pending)
264John Dobbs KV4OB (Pending)
265John Dobbs KV4OB (Pending)
266John Dobbs KV4OB (Pending)
267John Dobbs KV4OB (Pending)
268John Dobbs KV4OB (Pending)
271John Danielson (Pending)
272John Danielson (Pending)
273Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
274Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
275Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
276Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
277Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
283Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
284Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
285Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
286Dave Hinsey KB9VZK
287Billy Reed + PWR
288Billy Reed + PWR
289Billy Reed + PWR
293Atlanta Computer Liquidation - Danny Boyles + POWER
294Atlanta Computer Liquidation - Danny Boyles + POWER
295Atlanta Computer Liquidation - Danny Boyles + POWER
296Nick Adams W4EAF
297Walt Maxwell KR4HV (pending)
298Billy Reed + PWR
299Billy Reed + PWR
300Billy Reed + PWR
Tbl #Sold to
301Stan Winston ERSC1 (pending)
302Stan Winston ERSC1 (pending)
303Stan Winston ERSC1 (pending)
304Stan Winston ERSC1 (pending)
305D. Bennett KE4IHF & D. Jenkins
306D. Bennett KE4IHF & D. Jenkins
307D. Bennett KE4IHF & D. Jenkins
308D. Bennett KE4IHF & D. Jenkins
309D. Bennett KE4IHF & D. Jenkins
312Stan Winston ERSC1 (pending)
313Stan Winston ERSC1 (pending)
314Stan Winston ERSC1 (pending)
315Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
316Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
317Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
318Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
319Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
320Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
321Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
322Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
323Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
324Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
325Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
326Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
327Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
328Allen Bond WB4GNT + PWR
333Richard East N5IAW (Pending)
334Richard East N5IAW (Pending)
335Richard East N5IAW (Pending)
336Richard East N5IAW (Pending)
337Richard East N5IAW (Pending)
338Richard East N5IAW (Pending)
339Richard East N5IAW (Pending)
343Tony Brignole WA4KHN
344Tony Brignole WA4KHN
345Tony Brignole WA4KHN
357Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
358Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
359Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
360Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
361Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
362Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
363Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
364Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
365Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
366Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
367Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
368Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
369Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
370Quicksilver Radio, John Bee + PWR (Pending)
371Chicago Surplus + PWR
372 Chicago Surplus + PWR
373 Chicago Surplus + PWR
374 Chicago Surplus + PWR
375 Chicago Surplus + PWR
376 Chicago Surplus + PWR
377 Chicago Surplus + PWR
378 Chicago Surplus + PWR
379 Chicago Surplus + PWR
380 Chicago Surplus + PWR
381 Chicago Surplus + PWR
382 Chicago Surplus + PWR
383 Chicago Surplus + PWR
384 Chicago Surplus + PWR